It seems like yesterday when I said goodbye to the MOAS team leaving the quay of the Grand Harbour in Malta. It was the first Search and Rescue mission, to save lives in the Central Mediterranean. It was in fact 8 years ago.

In these 8 years, the emotion felt that day has turned into a daily commitment to carry out activities in support of the most vulnerable communities. I feel extremely grateful, together with my husband and my daughter, for the team, donors and loyal supporters who have gathered around our family and shared our intentions and values.

Thanks to your commitment, we have stood with the MOAS staff to comfort the people we rescued while crossing the Mediterranean Sea. People who were searching for safety. Since then, we are providing medical aid and Disaster Risk Reduction projects to save lives in Refugee camps; we are delivering malnutrition aid to vulnerable children; we are promoting integration pathways through education, training, and community activities, and are providing emergency medical care and transport to those facing ongoing hardship around the world.

Together, we have created a community that has never ceased to make its voice heard in invoking the need for #SafeAndLegalRoutes, these can ensure safe passage for people in need of international protection, that do not force them to put their lives at risk, to claim asylum. Furthermore, such pathways can allow for robust reception and integration systems on arrival. We believe that denying these channels, especially for the most vulnerable people, has the sole effect of increasing the number of victims crossing borders, and proliferates the illegal business of trafficking. We can’t forget that the future of these people is in our hands and so we must work together, with a united voice!

So much has been achieved with your loyal support over the last 8 years, but we need to continue to work together through dedication and love, to aid vulnerable communities. We believe in the importance of positive action and the value of collaboration and solidarity, to create a future together for the most in need.