Regina Egle Liotta Catrambone

Regina Egle Liotta Catrambone was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy. Her education began within a Catholic learning environment, fostering a culture of solidarity, acceptance and openness. This, alongside an independent and curious spirit, lead to an increasing and developing interest in social issues such as family planning and abortion, divorce, gender politics, inheritance law and much more. Growing into adulthood Regina began to dedicate her time and efforts to challenging societal stereotypes and biases, designing and implementing strategies to promote solidarity and social equality that would make a positive impact on the world around her. She believes strongly that it is the responsibility of each individual to actively participate in and motivate social change.

Regina has had the opportunity to engage with individuals and communities of varying faiths, cultures, traditions and languages through her extensive global travel and humanitarian work, which has further motivated and inspired her in her fight against injustice and indifference.  Her story has been extensively documented by the international and Italian press and you can read more about her journey on Knack, DPA Magazine, Der Spiegel, Wired, The Independent, Azure, CNN, BBC, Famiglia Cristiana, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Avvenire, Vita, Huffington Post Italia, The Guardian and Times of Malta.

Regina received the following awards: Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana (2015), Premio Mamma Lucia ‘Donne Coraggio’ (2015); San Giorgio d’oro (2016), Trofeo del Mare (2017), Tessera Preziosa Mosaico di Palermo (2018).

Together with Christopher: Global Citizen Forum Award 2015; 100 Global Thinkers of 2015 – Foreign Policy Award e il Premio internazionale della bontà nel 2015.

With MOAS: Hero Award 2017 (International Maritime Rescue Federation, Category Team for Outstanding Team Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation); Atlantic Council Freedom Award (2017); New European of the Year 2016; Special 112 Award by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) 2016; Geuzen Medal 2016 – Geuzenpenning Foundation; Peter Serracino Inglott Award for Civic Engagement 2015; Medal of the Republic (Malta) 2015.