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Caroline a 19 year old student from Delta State, Nigeria. She was duped into following a man she knew to Agadiz, Niger after he told her she could get work there and study to be a nurrse. She was sold by him along with 30 others. She said many of the girls were sold into a 'Connection House' ( brothel). She was then taken to Sebha, Libya and held in a camp with 150 others. Her sister paid the 600 Dinar ransom and she was released and was able to reach Tripoli, where a NIgerian woman then took her to Sabrata. She said she missed her grandmother who she had lived with, missed her friend sand going to parties and singing. She said she loved to cook with her grandmother, especially fufu a Nigerian staple.

Caroline: a story of trafficking and mercy

On July 20th IOM released a report exploring human trafficking along the Central Mediterranean route, with a special focus on women and girls who often travel alone from Nigeria and…