Since December 2016 Coldplay have supported MOAS as patrons of our mission to save lives at sea. Determined to avoid unnecessary deaths in the Mediterranean and aware of the importance of solidarity towards those fleeing horrific situations, Coldplay have backed our activities in different ways and the whole MOAS team is happy to enjoy their support.

Today, July 7th, they have unveiled a new song A L I E N S from their forthcoming Kaleidoscope EP.

Here you can find the official video

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All proceeds go to MOAS and will be used to save as many human lives at sea as possible.

Kaleidoscope comes from the Ancient Greek and means the observation of beautiful forms: it is, thus, an amazing coincidence that the song, whose proceeds will be devoted to MOAS, comes from an album called Kaleidoscope.

Beauty through music can save us from the sea of indifference in which we are all drowning.

In a kaleidoscope and its great variety of colours we can find the same diverse beauty as the mankind we all belong to.

Like a kaleidoscope, in every vessel we rescue we find the beauty of people coming from different countries, the musicality of various languages and the colours of the hope inside the hearts of those surviving an awful journey: treasures to safeguard and value.

We are therefore deeply grateful for Coldplay’s continuing support for MOAS’ cause and mission. Since 2014 we have rescued more than 39,000 lives so far, but now we need help and solidarity more than ever.

While continuing to operate at sea, we are actively working on the opening of safe and legal routes to give hope to those who are held captives in detention centres.

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